Coronavirus Covid-19 Guidelines (Archive)


The health, wellbeing, and safety of each individual in the Racketlon community is our top priority. The ERU strongly advises to follow your local rules and restrictions until the coronavirus has been defeated.



Improving the physical health of each individual has a very important role to fight the coronavirus. The ERU suggests to focus on cardio training which shall be done alone. If by local authorities allowed, training on court of the Racketlon sports Table Tennis, Badminton and Tennis shall be held in small groups. Current focus shall be Tennis as it can be played outdoors. Squash training (if squash training is authorized by local authorities) shall take place alone or with 1 coach on court, open play in Squash shall be avoided.


Match play

The ERU suggests to only play singles matches – using the Racketlon Split concept, including Table Tennis, Badminton and Tennis, excluding Squash. In Racketlon matches including squash (if squash match play is authorized by local authorities) all necessary precautions published by local squash federations shall be taken. Doubles matches shall be avoided.

Most Important

1 Stay at home if you feel sick

2 Wash your hands regularly

3 Don’t touch your face

4 Keep distance to other individuals (follow local rules)

5 No physical contact (not even handshakes) with other individuals

6 Use your own equipment (rackets, balls, etc.)



Feel free to contact us for further information:


This is the archived Version: Graz | June 16, 2020

Latest Version: Graz | September 24, 2020

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