Youth Development

ITF Speaker Michael Ebert, created a Racketlon Development and competition pathway for children from the age of 6 to 12 years. In this concept the courts, rackets, balls and rules are adapted to the age and the development of the children.

Anti Doping Measurements

The European Racketlon Union will introduce Anti Doping Measurements to ensure fair competitions and equal chances for all.

Sports Center Development

Wolfgang Denk, CEO of Courtwall, a worldwide operating court company will support the ERU with consulting in regard of new court construction and court renovation.

Media & Communication

Media Strategist Peter Robič is working on a communication concept to reach out to potential new players, tournament organizers, sports centers and sponsors to give them all the tools and information they need to become part of the Racketlon community.

Support of Racketlon Split Tournaments and European Championships

The ERU wants to lower the entry barriers for new Racketlon players by dropping at least one sport in the innovative Racketlon Split concept. ERU council member Robert Symcak will take the lead to assist sports centers, clubs and associations to organize Racketlon Split tournaments and European Championships.

EU Funding

ERU Vize President Radu Ionescu will continue to develop a European Racketlon project to apply for Erasmus Plus European Union Funding.

New Technology

The European Racketlon Union wants to introduce new technologies to the 4-racket-sport of Racketlon. Software solutions like a tailored Live Scoring Solution or the Digital Racketlon Pass are on its way. More is yet to come.

Corona Management

The European Racketlon Union developed guidelines for Racketlon to deal with the Corona virus. The health, wellbeing, and safety of each individual in the Racketlon community is our top priority.

World Championships 2022

In cooperation with the FIR – Federation of International Racketlon and the RFA – Racketlon Federation Austria the ERU will be part of the Racketlon World Championshiops 2022 in Vienna & Graz (Austria).

ERU Supporters & Sponsors


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