Racketlon Street

The newest way to play Racketlon is a purely outdoor version called Racketlon Street. The concept was developed in Corona-times. Nets and markers fit in every car. It can be played on any flat surface: concrete, grass, clay, etc. Racketlon Street is ideal for children and beginners and its aim is to bring new players to the game. If it’s not possible to set up all four playing fields, it is possible to play a Split version with 2 or 3 of the 4 Racketlon sports.


  • Table Tennis: Tables of all sizes from mini to dining tables or regular table tennis tables can be used with a mobile net.
  • Badminton: A normal-sized singles court measuring 13.4m x 5.18m with a service line 1.98m is marked from the net. The game is played over a mobile net with a regular height of 1.55m.
  • Squash: Only a front wall with a height of at least 3m is required. The playing field is marked in the same size as a half of the badminton-field: 6.7m long x 5.18m wide. The service line is marked 1.98m from the wall. The tin is marked with a height of 0.91cm, or an existing line of a tennis net can be used on a tennis wall.
  • Tennis: The badminton field that has already been marked is used. The mobile net is lowered to 80cm (Racketlon Kids / Racketlon School).


Racketlon counting system may apply: 2 serves per player (1st from the right, 2nd from the left), sets to 15 points

  • Table Tennis: normal rules with the exception that the service can be done without being thrown out of hand.
  • Badminton: Normal rules with the exception that the field between the net and the service line is not part of the playing field. The game is played with a badminton air shuttle outdoor ball.
  • Squash: Normal rules without a side wall. Service is performed from behind the field, the service takes place cross and has to land behind the service line. The players should not leave the playing field. The game is played with a red dot squash ball and regular squash rackets.
  • Tennis: The rules of touch tennis apply (attention: only 1 serve) with the exception that you have to serve from behind the baseline and from below the hip diagonally into the badminton service field. The game is played with a foam ball and 21-inch junior rackets.

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