ERU Digital Membership - Extraordinary ERU Membership

What is it?

The ERU – European Racketlon Union offers a Digital Membership for players. It was created for individuals who are interested in the development of the sport. The Digital Membership includes the Digital Racketlon Pass, a digital player pass that allows to participate in active Racketlon activities as tournaments and trainings in various countries.


Who needs it?

The RFA – Racketlon Federation Austria is requiring to hold a Digital Racketlon Pass to participate in all RFA tournaments in 2023. The Digital Racketlon Pass may be purchased online at


What are the Costs?

The Extraordinary ERU MembershipERU Digital Membership – including the Digital Racketlon Pass for players costs 100 €. ERU Digital Members will get the Digital Racketlon Pass for free. The Digital Racketlon Pass may be purchased for 35 € within On Your Marks. The ERU Digital Membership shall be purchased on this site and paid via bank transfer.


What do you need to do?

Follow these simple steps:

  • Transmit the required information using the form on this site
  • Follow the steps in our automated E-Mail
  • Contact us if you did not receive any E-Mail – after checking your Spam-Folder
  • After submitting, transfer the membership fee of 100 € before the end of the month as described in the E-Mail: (Receiver: European Racketlon Union, IBAN: AT68 4715 0115 6114 0000, Purpose: “MB 2022”)


No guarantees

Please note that applicants have no legal claim. If your information and/or payment does not reach us before the end of the month, your application may be denied.

Fill out this form to apply for ERU Digital Membership:


    First Name

    Last Name

    Date of Birth


    ERU member country (where you participate in tournaments, NOT your country of origin)

    Junior (born after 2001) you want to support (optional)

    I have read and accept the privacy policy of the ERU.

    I hereby apply for the "ERU Digital membership" including the "Digital Racketlon Pass" which will be mandatory to participate in national RFA - Racketlon Federation Austria tournaments in 2022.

    I agree that the ERU - European Racketlon Union may transfer my transmitted information to the national Federation I selected above.

    You will receive further information in the automated follow up E-Mail.

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